This is our story

 AMARI KAE bring you the smartest and latest range of skincare and body beauty tools for everyone to use.  


 Feel the excitement

Amari Kae is based in Adelaide, South Australia. Our products are shipped from Australia.

Our story begins with a group of mums coming together and talking about how limited time there is when it comes to looking after our skin. Every week seems like a battle juggling everyday life with kids, work life and finding time to fit in a skincare routine.

We did some research and came up with an idea that could help with time management, the convenience and  products that's easy to use for everyday skincare maintenance. 

Our goal is to design and search for products to naturally enhance the appearance of our skin. Ensuring our skincare and body care products are effective and t the routines are fun; easy and manageable. We pride ourselves in being affordable but not compromising on quality of our beauty range.

This is your journey to beautiful natural looking you.