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Introducing the Arden, the 2-in-1 facial cleansing brush that will leave your skin feeling softer and smoother than ever before. This versatile brush can be used for both dry and wet cleansing, making it perfect for any skin type. The Arden's unique massage function also helps to increase blood circulation and promote cell turnover, giving you a radiant and youthful complexion. With its hygienic design, the Arden is the most gentle and effective way to clean your face.

 Benefits of using Arden Brush

  • Very gentle on the skin
  • Waterproof
  • 2 in 1 cleanser and massage
  • No need to replace the head of the brush
  • The most hygienic way to clean the face
  • Eliminates build-up of dirt
  • removes dead skin cells 
  • Reduces fine lines
  • Improves skin elasticity 

SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPE-  This brush is gently enough to use for all skin type. If you have sensitive skin to Combination/Oily skin type, this brush is for you. Adjust the vibration setting that is best suited for you. If you have sensitive skin, use the lowest vibration level. The intensity is lower but it still works hard to deep clean into the pores  and gently exfoliating at the same time. Still giving you the same results.

 WATERPROOF-  Cut down with time and use this brush as part of  your daily  skincare routine in the shower/bath. Perfect beauty tool to help with time management whilst still giving you the same results.

 SOFTER AND CLEANER SKIN - The very gentle silicone bristles work deep down into the pores removing dirt and impurities to give you softer and cleaner skin. Use the brush in a circular motion to ensure skin is getting a thorough clean. The sonic vibration templates built in the brush shakes up the dirt from the bottom and lifts them up to the surface of the skin. You will notice a subtle change to your skin after the first use.

LONG LASTING-Brushing your face regularly should only  take a couple of minutes each morning and evening.  The brush can be used many times over before recharging is needed with a USB cord. Perfect to bring on  small trips away and  there shouldn't be any excuses not to clean your face every day.

  2 in 1 - This brush is perfect for your skincare routine. Use the side with the bristles to clean, gently exfoliate your skin. Flip the brush over and use the flat side to massage your favourite cream/serum into your skin.

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Customer Reviews

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Love, love it!

Love my new brush! It feels luxurious and relaxing whilst making my skin feel soft and revitalised.

Hi Jessica, This is great news! and this is exactly what we expect these amazing brushes should be doing for you. Your skin should feel soft, clean and refreshing the moment you start to use the brush. We very much appreciate your feedback.

Pleasantly surprised!

Amari Kae review

This was my first time using any sort of cleansing device and I was pleasantly surprised! Not only did I feel a deeper clean, I really enjoyed the massaging vibrations on my face and the increased circulation. Love the fact it’s waterproof as well as I can leave it in my shower to use, saving me time too. Sometimes I use it at the end of the day just for face massage, a little self care moment :)

Thank you Eva for your feedback. We're glad to hear that your first time experience with an ultra sonic brush was using our favourite Arden beauty tool. It's always important to give yourself some TLC and glad our brush is doing just that.

Love this product!!!

I’ve been using this product for over a year now and I’m still loving it. It plays an important part of my daily facial care routine. It is so gentle to my skin and goes well with my skin care products… It does help in rejuvenating and in making my skin smoother.. I highly recommend this product!

Thank you Kate for your feedback. We are so happy to hear that you are still using the Arden brush. We love that the brush is part of your facial care routine. It makes time management much more easier without any extra hassle. Please keep us updated as love being part of our customers skincare journey.

Impressed with the Arden

As a busy mum I didn't think I had time for a beauty routine that would give me good results. Not only is the Arden so quick and easy to use and fits into my busy schedule effortlessly, but also I was impressed with how it made my skin feel. My tired skin is soft, smooth and refreshed after every use.

Thank you Liz! We're so glad to hear from you. We know busy mums have limited time on their hands. The Arden Brush will take care of your skin, whilst you worry about everything else.

My review after 1 week

Like most after a new purchase, I was optimistically skeptical. I have PCOS and I have spent thousands trying to get my skin under control, often with no success. The Arden comes with neat packaging and is easy to use. After the first time I used it, I was pleasantly surprised; it was so gentle and my skin felt instantly softer. By the third day, I noticed the congestion that usually lives under my forehead was starting to dissipate, as well as my milia- another surprise your mid-30s gifts you. I have now been using the Arden for a week, and I am in love the results I’m seeing and feeling. The Arden fits effortlessly into my busy schedule, and my skin is noticeably smoother, softer, less red, and I’m experiencing fewer break outs. My foundation glides on as my skin is less flakey. I’ve also stopped using medicated pimple cream. I’m so excited to see what my skin will look like after a month. Most of all, I’ve glad I’ve replaced my usual daily scrub with something that has no chemicals.

This is great feedback Annie. We're glad to hear our brush has helped assist you with some skincare issues. The brush is gently and soft and is suitable for everyone. It's up to each individual as to how many times to use it in a week, we always suggest daily but it's really up to the person. Just glad to hear that our favourite brush is helping your skin. We love to hear more from you as continue this journey to beautiful skin.